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Once Upon a Time S03E11 "Going Home": The mind-blowing winter finale that will have you questioning if anyone cares at all

***Warning: This review contains spoilers***

Well, that was a stressful sixty minutes.

I'm not going to go over the whole episode, because this one was JAMMED packed full of twists and turns, ups and downs, and moments where I was totally shocked, smiling, or grumbling at the screen. This episode was possibly the best one of season three--and thank god it was only the winter finale, because the ending is absolutely heart-wrenching. My dad tells me that as terrible as the cliffhanger was, the episode was really good because "at least they're out of the goddamn jungle!" I have to agree with him there...

Here are just some of the bigger points on my mind after watching Once Upon a Time, Season 3, Episode 11.

Snow and Charming do NOT say any variation of "I will always find you."

Snow reassures her daughter that it will be okay and that the future is not always what we expect it will be, but that Emma will have a happy ending. Snow and Charming both insist that Emma should have hope, no matter what. Much of the episode dances around the importance of having hope. But apparently, as they stand at the town line to say goodbye, having hope does not include the hope of being with your family. 

Snow and Charming will always find each other, but they feel no need to find their daughter or their grandson. Have hope, dear daughter. We're going away to another land, we'll be separated all over again, you're not going to remember us, and we won't make any promises to see each other again. At all. Even though we've been making them all along.

REALLY?! No one thinks to offer this hopeful statement? Emma really needed to hear that this isn't goodbye.

Henry is oddly calm and quiet about the whole goodbye event.

I wonder if Henry is quiet on screen because the actor is obviously going through an exciting time in one's childhood where the voice is wonky and speaking is awkward. But...could he not pretend to cry? Could he not look a little sadder? Could he not have given Regina a more desperate, emotional goodbye hug? He watches Rumplestiltskin die, he says goodbye to his adopted mother, his family, and his friends, but everything is cool.

Henry seems to react more to the fact that Emma forgets the cinnamon on his hot chocolate, than to the idea of leaving everyone behind. What happened to your dreams of going to the Enchanted Forest and riding horses and sword-fighting?!

Get the hell off the ground, Belle, and pull your shit together

Poor Belle. She watched the love of her life die before her eyes, and worse, she was frozen and unable to stop it from happening. They're unfrozen and Belle, understandably, goes to pieces. Nobody asks if she's okay. No one comforts her or really even looks at her.

And even NEIL, Rumple's own SON is oddly uncaring about his father's death. His comment about Rumple's dying a noble death was a little too conversational. Essentially, his tone implied this twist on his words: My dad just died. Well, at least he died so that we could all live. Moving on... what's next, guys?

Belle is a sobbing, broken mess on the street, but--REGINA! You've been quiet these last ten seconds, are YOU okay?

Cursed life? Sure, I'll take it

Emma has spent three seasons bitter about the fact that a curse ripped her away from her family. She has witnessed how terrible it was not to remember who you are, even if not remembering was easier. Emma knew how important it was not to be under a curse. Her entire EXISTENCE is about being the saviour; about BREAKING the curse that made everyone forget. Not remembering who you are means no happy endings. But when Regina offers her a variation on the curse to forget her past, she's all on board. Henry, of course, stands contentedly next to her, also not objecting to forgetting who he is and his past.

Even if Emma accepts the cursed life because it's the easier choice...what about HOPE?! Hope that one day, your family will find you. She just made it a lot harder on herself.

Oh wait, I forgot: her family has no interest in finding you.


This is a pretty awesome hashtag. I'm VERY excited about the newest villain: the wicked witch of the west! FINALLY! The merry old land of Oz!

At the same time... after the Evil Queen (evil, powerful, breasts all over the place), Cora (absolutely immoral, power-hungry, blood-thirsty woman), Pan (the most annoying and heartless child in the history of the world) bad can the Wicked Witch be?

Hopefully the enchanted forest has a good bucket of water somewhere...

Emma... please take a better look at the stranger at the door

Sure, the jerk grabbed you and kissed you. But... did you REALLY get a good look at him? He's got #GoodForm

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