Saturday, 14 June 2014

Review: Sinner by Maggie Stiefvater

If you haven't heard of Maggie Stiefvater, welcome out from under the rock where you've been living.

While I love Maggie and I'm ALWAYS recommending her as a go-to fantasy/YA author, I'm not her biggest fan. Don't get me wrong: all her books are good. However, Lament and The Dream Thieves were a little TOO "teen" and fantastical for my taste. I was also more than a little disappointed with Linger when *** SPOILER ALERT *** Grace turned into a wolf. So when I say that Sinner is riveting, addictive, and beautifully written, you know that I'm genuinely praising this novel and Maggie for the exceptional author she is.

Cole St. Clair has come to California for one reason: to get Isabel Culpeper back. She fled from his damaged, drained life, and damaged and drained it even more. He doesn't just want her. He needs her. 

Isabel is trying to build herself a life in Los Angeles. It's not really working. She can play the game as well as all the other fakes. But what's the point? What is there to win? 

Cole and Isabel share a past that never seemed to have a future. They have the power to love each other and the power to tear each other apart. The only thing for certain is that they cannot let go.

While it is a companion novel to the Shiver trilogy, Sinner is strictly about Cole and Isabel. This is a love story about falling for the bad boy, about overcoming life's obstacles, and taking risks for love—and when you're in love with a rock star like Cole, who turns into a werewolf to escape his human problems, there are many risks. 

Sinner is the perfect summer novel for fans of supernatural romance. New readers can step into the series here as you don't have to have read Shiver to enjoy Sinner. Cole is unpredictable, funny, and sexy, with an undeniable magnetism, complete with fatal flaws and irresistible heartbreaker charm. 

Cole and Isabel each have their own personal obstacles to face, along with everything it is to be a teenager in love. Isabel and Cole are like fire and ice, but together, they balance each other. There's several make out scenes and sex is mentioned, but the book is aimed at readers ages 13 & up and therefore it is certainly not graphic (no more than Twilight: Breaking Dawn). 

Sinner is everything I wanted in a companion novel and more. I really like the Shiver trilogy, but I love Sinner. It offers exactly the kind of sexy, addictive, and exciting story the reader has craved since meeting Cole St. Clair in the Shiver trilogy. Maggie Stiefvater continues to deliver YA books that are gripping, full of danger, magic, and mystery, and that are populated by characters who continue to exist long after you've closed the book. 

This must-read novel is available now!

4 Stars

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