Saturday, 1 March 2014

New Must-watch Webseries: Less Than Satisfactory

Less Than Satisfactory is a brand new comedy webseries. Still in the production stages, LTS is already gearing up to be something wonderfully witty on the world wide web.

Summary: Less Than Satisfactory follows the struggles and adventures of Julie McKendrick, a failing writer who takes a position at a less than average greeting card company. Surrounded by a host of characterful co-workers and friends, Julie quickly learns what is needed to survive in the wilds of the greeting card world at More Than Satisfactory Cards. (Summary from LTS Campaign page).

LTS Productions was founded by Will Preventis, Elizabeth Lee, Zachary Rintoul, and Jacqueline Twomey, and is based out of Toronto, ON, Canada. This young and up-and-coming team are all recent grads from Sheridan College, and their dedication and passion to this project's success guarantees that with a little financial support and publicity, LTS will surely find its footing.

Judging by the campaign video, LTS is aimed at a young adult audience. The main characters all appear to be in their 20s and are striving to figure out life amidst the awkwardness, social drama, and obstacles faced by young people today. Much like The Office, quirky characters, bad decisions, workplace issues, and sometimes cringe-worthy awkwardness makes up the premise of Less Than Satisfactory. In all honesty, it looks promising and I look forward to the release of the pilot!

Ten episodes will be released to the public, so be sure to check it out! I've put in a request with writer/director Jacqueline Twomey for the release of an episode for review, but no such luck just yet. From what I gather, I feel confident in saying that Less Than Satisfactory is lighthearted, cathartic, smart, funny, and wonderfully weird.

You can support the project by visiting their official page on Indiegogo, and by making a donation:
Less Than Satisfactory Campaign Page

Too low on funds? You can still help the project by getting the word out there! It only takes a second, so please: share, Like, Tweet, Post, Pin, Knock on doors, force your friend to watch it, etc.

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Please check back soon for a review of Less Than Satisfactory: season one, episode one.

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